I am passionated about Mobility and Internet of Things (M2M).

I have been working on this technology since 1988 and has been involved in many exciting projects in those years. I have developed mobile solutions for Palm, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

I have also developed own solutions (both hardware and software) for positioning with RTLS, RFID GSM and GPS.
Besides my passion for the Internet of Things, Arduino and Mobility, I spend time on music and the development of my recording software IQR.

Since 2006 I have worked at Sogeti as an architect in Mobility, High Tech (M2M) and SharePoint.

I work as a National Tech Lead for Mobile and Things for Sogeti Sweden. I am also part of SogetiLabs as fellow with focus on Internet of Things.

In June 2018 I will join Husqvarna Group

Twitter – @dagpetersson
Linkedin – se.linkedin.com/in/dagpetersson 


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