Yamaha THR II and foot controllers – Part 2

In this post, I will show how easy it is to connect a remote foot control to your Yamaha THR II amplifier and also some issues I have with using it (I hope Yamaha can fix this).

I have posted a video that shows how to do

I have built my own MIDI controller but you should be able to use any standard MIDI controller that can send Control Change messages (CC)

I am using the Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless MIDI adaptor and connect both adaptor and amplifier in THR Remote app.

MIDI Controller
Wireless Adaptor
Power the MIDI controller by using a powerbank.

Issues with THR Remote and wireless MIDI footswitch

So far so good. It can connect and it’s easy to assign preset and effect blocks to different CC messages from the MIDI controller.

The issue I have is that it take some time for THR Remote to load new preset. The preset by itself is loaded directly in the amp, but it takes some time between changing preset until THR Remote has synced settings between app and amp and while this sync is running it does not sound good. It sounds like it step by step is turning on each effect blocks and your can hear pops and drop-outs. Turning effects on and off is fast and working perfectly. So if you plan to use a similar setup as mine, then be aware of that you can’t switch presets fast in a song (until Yamaha has fixed this issue). Turning on/off effects works.

I try show the issue here in this video. I try to demonstrate the time it takes until it has loaded (and synced) the new preset.

You will hear the issue best at the end of the video.

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